The Cecchetti Method is a graded ballet syllabus based on the work of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti. Students are presented for an exam at their teacher’s discretion once they have mastered the technique and theory of each grade level. At Forte, Cecchetti classes offer more serious dancers a way to refine their technique and knowledge and prepare themselves up for success in a more advanced path.

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Theory & Quizzes
About 2 months before each exam session, the Cecchetti teachers give the students a written theory quiz and perform an observation class to evaluate if each student will be invited for exams. The purpose of the quizzes is to give the teacher and students an idea of how much of the theory the student has mastered. This is corrected but not graded and is used only as an informational tool to tell the teacher and student where they need more work before examination.
These will be approximately as follows:
October Quiz/Observation Class - December Exam Session
January Quiz/Observation Class - March Exam Session
March Quiz/Observation Class - May Exam Session
April Quiz/Observation Class - June Exam Session

After the teacher decides a student is ready to be examined, teachers give a letter to each of the invited students detailing the exact fees, exam preparation, and the estimated exam date. They need to come to the desk and register for the exams by the listed deadline. About 2 weeks before the exam weekend, and after we receive exact exam dates and times from the Cecchetti Council, the student will receive a final exam note with details about the actual day, time, & location of exam.
Exams are held at an outside venue by a board of examiners from the Cecchetti Council of America and exam fees run from $50-100 depending on the grade of the student being examined. All students must be examined and receive a passing grade before moving to the next level of their training.

Mock Exam
Once a student is registered for their exam, a mock exam will be scheduled to help the students better prepare for their actual exam. Mock examiners will be brought into their regular class session and students will be asked to dress and behave as they will in their actual exam. Dancers will need a long-sleeved black leotard for both their mock exam and actual exam.

Study Materials
All Cecchetti students are required to obtain the book for the grade level they are studying. Cecchetti books can be purchased at the front desk and range from $2-15.
The last class before the winter holiday, students will be presented with an opportunity to create written flash cards with the teacher’s assistance for studying purposes. Students will be expected to provide their own index cards.

Ballet Day
Ballet Day is a workshop in late January/early February hosted by the Cecchetti Council, during which students take grade-level syllabus and non-syllabus classes from examiners and other instructors. All Cecchetti students are expected to attend the Ballet Day Cecchetti class at their level, and other classes if desired. Paperwork will be provided by the studio.

More information on the Cecchetti Method of Ballet can be found here.