Corps & Ensemble: Dancers audition in the spring for these teams and are placed based on skill level, maturity, and commitment level. Dancers have mandatory classes 2-4 days per week and attend 2-4 competitions during the season. Dancers take jumps/leaps/turns, Cecchetti Ballet, and tap technique class, and compete in jazz, tap, and lyrical. Hip-hop is Corps only.

Apprentice & Debut Team: These are invitation-only groups for younger dancers (starting at age 5), designed as a fun transition into competitive dance. Dancers who were not recommended for these teams but who wish to be considered (or those moving from another studio) may set up an audition during the Ensemble/Corps tryouts. Dancers have mandatory classes 1-2 days per week and attend 1 competition during the season. Debut Team dancers (age 5-7) take a jazz/tap/ballet technique class and compete in jazz. Apprentice Team dancers (age 8-10) take a jazz/tap technique class, take Cecchetti Ballet as a technique class, and compete in jazz and tap.

In addition to competing, all competitive numbers perform in the June recital. Dancers should plan to attend both the dress rehearsal and recital
performance(s) to complete the dance season.

Costs and Fundraising
Competitive team classes are priced in packages that make competitive dance more affordable. Parent-led fundraisers are often available to offset the expenses of competitive dance.


The Competitive Team offers a unique experience that promotes bonding and teamwork. The hard work and dedication required is rewarded with results and fun times with friends. We are always creating memories with our Forte Family!

For further reading, pease see our team informational packets:





Competitive dance at Forte provides an opportunity for dancers who want to take a step beyond our recreational program. Although our team expects a commitment, hard work, and a drive to constantly improve from its dancers, it is structured such that a dancer may choose the competitive path without completely sacrificing quality of life, academics, or time with family.

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