Forte Academy of Dance & Music Pre-K Dance Classes are designed to introduce students to important aspects of life such as classroom etiquette, following directions, teamwork, listening, and communicating. In addition to learning dance techniques and creative movement, these skills are emphasized as equally important aspects of a child’s success in the program.


Music FunTime is more than a simple play group where children sing, dance, jump and play instruments.

Music FunTime at Forte Academy of Dance & Music is an innovative, structured,and progressive curriculum derived from Johns-Hopkins Research exploring the magical connection between math & science through music for children under 7 years of age.  Children learn to read music notation, rhythms and symbols, and play the instruments of their choosing.

Through small preschool, kindergarten and early elementary group music classes in a classroom atmosphere, children use musical crafts, worksheets, games and instruments in a fun and exciting way to explore and nurture a strong music foundation which becomes a way of life, thus, gaining all the benefits of uniting both hemispheres of the brain.

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Dress Rehearsal/Recital

Recital is an opportunity for the students to showcase all that they have learned throughout the dance season in a professional auditorium in front of family and friends. Students will be required to attend a mandatory dress rehearsal to help prepare for the show. Forte Academy of Dance & Music hires a professional babysitting service to keep the students safe backstage at recital and give parents freedom to watch the show from the auditorium. 

We look forward to working with you and your child towards a fun and successful dance season!

At the Pre-K level, we offer ballet, tap, or a class that combines both genres. Students will begin each class being asked to verbally communicate with their teacher and peers through a fun activity. During the ballet and tap portions of the class, they will be taken through many “follow the leader” technique exercises and will have an opportunity to ask and answer questions. Students will have an “across the floor” portion of the class where they will be asked to dance one at a time and wait their turn. Forte Academy of Dance & Music follows the Al Gilbert method for Pre-K tap technique.

Dance Combination

Students will work on a dance combination to the same song each week and will prepare a performance piece. Parents or other classes are invited into the dance room on special occasions to watch their practice performances and get students ready for the recital performance.

Creative Activities
At this level, there will be some activities that we call “games”. These are specifically designed activities to give the students a “brain break” and allow a creative outlet in order for students to develop a love for dancing! Often times, these are used as an incentive for following the rules and a job well done earlier in the class.
Sticker Books
Students are issued a sticker book that they should plan to bring to each weekly class. Students will receive incentive stickers in this book based on attendance, participation, and behavior.